A programming language designed around supporting ASCII animation based code golfing challenges.

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Posting Challenges

This page discusses how to post challenges that use Noodel.


To post, visit the issues page and create a new issue. Name the issue the title of the challenge followed by your name: TheChallengeName - UserName Then add the label challenge and any others that apply (if there is a label that you must have just ask). In the body of the issue, place a link to the challenge and a link to your answer. Also, include the number of bytes/score along with the script. Include a link to a test program where the script can be ran. Finally, include some kind of description explaining how it works.

Other Notes

If you have a stroke of genious that reduces the number of bytes, fixes the answer, or anything else that changes the origional post, merely add a comment with the number of bytes/score, explanation, link to example, and the new script.

If you happen to beat all of the others in the challenge please put the won label on there so I can cry tears of joy:)